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Ali and Ellie

GSD x Poodle

This beautiful duo came to WWP totally feral, they'd had no human contact and had lived in a shed with no windows or contact with the outside world for the first 3 years of their lives. They came to WWP so scared yet they've never shown an ounce of malice and are now so trusting despite their past.

They are so bonded they are looking for a home together. They are medium sized and GSD x Poodle so a bit of an odd mix! They are super friendly with those they know but do take time to get to know new people. But once you have won them around you'll have friends for life.

Ali and Ellie will need a quiet understanding home, someone with patience to let them adjust to a home environment at their own pace. They could live with another calm dog but do not like cats.

They would require a secure garden as they are pretty nimble! They do walk well on a lead now but are nervous in heavy traffic and new surroundings.

Ali and Ellie
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