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Cane Corso

Amara is yet another unclaimed stray that joined us at WWP a few weeks ago. She was abandoned on the mountain and left to fend for herself.

Amara is a 3y.o Cane Corso who has the sweetest temperament. She knows all basic commands so has had some training. She’s another dog that has been used for breeding and then dumped.

She travels quietly in the car walks well on the lead.

Amara tolerates other dogs but can be a bit over the top in play. She is also possessive over her toys so we feel a home with no other pets would suit her best. That said she will ignore dogs on a walk and is happy to let them pass without a fuss.

Amara loves toys, she will chase a ball all day!! She is a big girl so a home with teenagers and above would be best.

Amara is a very placid, sweet girl with lots of love to give the right person. Could you be the one to offer her a home?

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