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Standard Schnauzer

Please meet Bilbo, a handsome Standard Schnauzer who’s looking for a new home.

We’ve known Bilbo a few years now as he’s a regular that boards at Tegfan. He recently lost his beloved owner suddenly so he now needs to find a new home.

Bilbo is 11y.o and is starting to slow down a little but still enjoys his little walks. He is excellent on the lead and would only require short walks. What he wants more than anything is a comfy sofa in front of the fire with someone to love him.

Bilbo doesn’t really like other dogs, he walks past them with no fuss or bother but couldn’t live with another dog. He has never lived with cats.

He would probably find small children a little much so he’s better suited to children over 12y.o. He travels well in the car and enjoys a little jolly!

Are you looking for a loyal companion, someone to keep you company and share your walks with? If so then please consider this placid boy.

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