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Chocco is one handsome chap!! Yet another unclaimed stray who served his time and no one came forward….like so many others in our care. 

When Chocco arrived he had bilateral cherry eye, a painful condition that needed urgent vet treatment. With that now done,  Chocco is fully recovered and the vet is happy with the results so he’s finally ready to find his forever human!! 

Chocco is a 3y.o Bulldog, he is the friendliest, most comical character! 

He is good with all dogs, big, small, boys and girls. He adores people and can be rehomed with children over 6y.o.

He walks well on a lead, loves a run around our secure field and is pretty active for a Bulldog! 

Chocco is looking for someone to love him, we're sure there's somewhere who has room in their heart for this adorable little character!

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