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Llwyd the Pomsky was returned through no fault of his own, the resident dog had taken a dislike to him so he’s been returned. He originally came in as a pup and will be a year old next month.

Llwyd is an extremely nervous boy, he is timid when you first meet him and will take time to warm to you. That said he hasn’t got an ounce of malice in him.

He is currently in foster with a number of other dogs of all shapes and sizes and he needs to find a home with a confident resident dog to follow. He will under no circumstances be rehomed as an only dog.

Llwyd loves playing with his friends in the garden, this is where he’s most comfortable, with his canine companions and the more the merrier!!

Llwyd walks well on the lead but is nervous out and about so would suit quieter surroundings rather than a busy town.

Because Llwyd is nervous he would find living with young children too stressful, so a quiet home with older children would be best. He’s not met cats.

So Llwyd is looking for that special someone to help build his confidence, being returned has knocked his confidence but with the right human he will blossom into a happy dog once again.

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