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Louie and Aria

Small crossbreeds

Louie and Aria arrived with us a few weeks ago due to their owner not being able to care for them any longer. We would like them to stay together but would rehome separately if this isn’t possible.

Aria is a real sweetie, she’s a chihuahua cross and absolutely tiny! She’s the friendliest little dog and is happiest sat on your lap. She also loves going for a walk and is very active on the lead! She is dog friendly and I’m sure she’d be fine with cats as they would be over double her size!!

Louie is a slightly more complicated chap! If Louie accepts you he will adore you! He is a little nervous so can take time to trust some people, others he’ll accept immediately. He just needs time to get used to new people but once you’ve won him round he’ll be your best friend.

We think this is down to lack of socialisation, he just needs to build confidence.

Louie is a Jrt x chihuahua who’s also tiny but a lot bigger than Aria!! He’s a very handsome boy. Due to him being nervous, he’s looking for a home with older children. He’s dog friendly but not cat tested. He loves to walk and is very active.

We would like to rehome them together so priority will be given to anyone offering both a home.

Louie and Aria
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