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Luna lab


Luna recently joined us after she was given away along with her pups. They rehomed her pups and Luna came to WWP to find her forever family.

Luna is an 18 months old Labrador, who is relatively small for the breed with a fabulous temperament. When she arrived she lacked any social skills and we have spent the last few weeks building her confidence and showing her the world is not a scary place and you don’t need to bark at everyone which thankfully has been a huge success!

Luna is super people friendly but is very excitable. She loves all dogs, mixing well with all shapes and sizes.

She LOVES playing ball, she will literally fetch a ball all day if she were allowed! We can really see Luna in a family home with teenagers to run around and play with! We think she’s a little too bouncy for small children so 7y.o and above would be ideal.

Luna is a very sweet affectionate girl who has been let down badly. She is looking for an active, fun family to love her and continue her training. She is fast to learn and has come on so much in the short time she’s been with us.

So if you're looking for a lovable, slightly nutty companion then Luna is the one for you

Luna lab
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