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Pomsky puppy

Mabon is a beautiful 5 month old Pomski puppy. Cute, friendly, fluffy, cheeky, confident and adorable.

Mabon came in with his siblings who are all looking for homes.

Mabon is a typical busy, inquisitive, confident pup, full of beans and into everything! He is lots of fun and will keep you entertained for hours!

Mabon is a confident little pup so he can be rehomed as an only dog or he can live with others. He can also be rehomed with cats.

Mabon won’t grow very big at all, probably not much bigger than a Pom. He isn't house trained and will need to attend puppy training classes. All pups are rehomed on a neutering contract.

So if you are looking for a fun bundle of fluff then Mabon is for you!

Pomskys have a double coat so will need regular brushing at home, something they soon get used to and enjoy. They are a happy, friendly cross breed and the only downside to owning a Pomsky in our opinion is they rarely have good recall….ever!!

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