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Milo Lab


Meet Milo the Labrador who came to us due to his owners failing health.

Milo is only a year old, young, bouncy, slightly mad but lots of fun!! He has a lovely temperament but has had no training.

Milo has not been socialised with other dogs so when he initially meets them he does bark but once properly introduced he actually loves other dogs….he just didn’t realise that! He plays nicely off lead with dogs here and just needs to learn ‘how’ to interact with dogs. Following further assessments, we are looking for a dog free home for Milo.

He would easily knock small children over so he’d be more suited to children over 8y.o. He’d suit a busy active lifestyle and won’t be happy snoozing on the sofa day in day out!

That said with adequate exercise and training he quickly calms down. He is also strong on the lead, this again is work in progress.

We are told he is house trained but this is not guaranteed. He’s always lived in a house and travels well in the car.

So Milo is looking for a family who can give him what he needed, nice long walks, training and lots and lots of love! He’s quick to learn so it won’t take long before he’s someone’s well trained best friend 🩷

If you know Labs Milo is just typical of the breed, clever, fun, loving and goofy!

Milo Lab
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