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Cocker spaniel

Peaches is one of the 22 cocker spaniels we rescued in shocking conditions a few months ago. This elderly lady is one of 2 left to find homes. Peaches is in foster with Oasis and they can either be rehomed together or separately.

Peaches is 12y.o and is looking for a home to enjoy her remaining years. She has up until recently always lived in a kennel but is now loving her new found home comforts!

Peaches is dog friendly, good with children but we think the chaos of young children would be too much for her.

She walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car. At 12 she has slowed down as you’d expect so a nice quiet home with short walks would suit her best. She absolutely adores people and would like someone around to keep her company for most of the day. They’ve missed out on so much human interaction she has a lot of catching up to do!

Peaches is the sweetest, kindest soul and would be no trouble at all. All she asks for is a comfy sofa, some tasty food and someone to cuddle up to at any given opportunity!!

Please think about opening up your heart and home to an oldie, it’s just so rewarding

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