Border Collie

Meet the adorable 20 week old Collie pup Smot who was one of 4 pups who came into our care a few weeks ago. When they arrived they had not been socialised or had little to no human interaction and were all pretty terrified. Fast forward a few weeks and we now have a much happier, more confident pup who is happy to greet and spend time with us.

Smot is currently living with his brother Bryn, Smot is the more dominant of the two and often picks on his poor brother (they won't be rehomed together)

Smot is happy and confident around other dogs and happily mixes with my dogs here at home, he will need to be rehomed with at least one resident dog. He has met cats and he does chase them but it is all play, even though my cats are not convinced!!

Lead training is taking longer to perfect, it is work in progress and something that you will be expected to continue with once rehomed along with future training. They are also not house trained.

They love to play as you'd expect with any puppy really, they are super friendly and loving. They are still a little timid with new people at times but their confidence is growing daily.

Being Collies they will need active homes and would ideally suit homes interested in agility, flyball etc

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time helping these pups but it's time for them to find homes of their own.

If you think you can offer them the right kind of home, please do your research on the breed and make sure you suit a Border Collie