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Zac is a very handsome 9y.o Beagle that arrived with us as an unclaimed stray.

Since his arrival he’s been nothing but the perfect gent.

He is dog friendly, mixing with a variety of different dogs, loves people and is a very laid back placid character.

Zac can be homed with children over 6y.o. He walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car and loves his walks! He is not your typical vocal hound!! He is a little fussy with his food, which is rather out of character for the breed!!

Zac recently attended our very busy Barkfest event and behaved impeccably. He mixed well with the public and their four legged companions, taking the whole day in his stride.

Zac has obviously been someone’s pet, we have no idea how such a beautiful soul has ended up unwanted. But we're sure he won’t be waiting long for that special someone to snap him up, he has so much love to give the right person

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