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We try to keep this page updated, but our Facebook group is the best place to find up to date information. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions, and Rehoming policy before completing an Application Form.


Chow Chow


Lilly is a beautiful 3y.o Chow Chow. Lilly has been with us a while now, initially she was quite timid when she first arrived but her confidence has now grown. She can still be shy with strangers until she gets to know you.

Lilly is currently in foster with dogs of all shapes and sizes but she especially loves the small dogs! Lilly can't be rehomed with cats or small furries.

Lilly enjoys her walks but she is strong on the lead. She enjoys being groomed, the odd massage and is now used to regular baths!!

This lovely, sweet girl is now ready to find a family of her own, whoever adopts Lilly will be very lucky indeed.

Chow experience would be a bonus as they are a little strong willed!

If you have never owned the breed then please take the time to research the breed.


Staffie x Sharpei


Pretty little Maggie has been with us a while now so we really need to find her a home of her own. Maggie is a 5y.o Staffie x Sharpei who is a real little livewire! Maggie has missed out on being socialised before she came to us so we have working hard to overcome many of her issues.Maggie has a very high prey drive and is always very alert out on her walks. She has a lot of energy so would benefit from an active home. Maggie will literally walk for miles!

She will need to be an only dog but will happily go on walks with all different dogs at the kennels with no issue so she is not reactive once outside. Maggie can get protective of her food and toys but is so much better now than when she came in.

For this reason we would only rehome her with older children. Maggie also doesn't like cats. If you can see past her little foibles Maggie will make a great addition to your family. She has always been a favourite of mine and many of our volunteers due to her comical ways!


Husky x Chow


Luna was rehomed by us as a pup but sadly she was returned recently through no fault of her own.


Luna came back very timid, partly because lockdown had restricted her being socialised. We have worked hard building her confidence and she is now a different, much happier dog.

Luna will need an understanding calm home with children over 12, someone to continue her training and introducing her to new things.

She is housetrained, loves to play with her toys but most of all loves her walks! She is quite strong on the lead still but with training this is improving.

Luna is a very loving girl once she gets to know you, she can be timid of strangers but again this is improving daily.

Luna hasn't lived with another dog, again she is getting used to meeting different dogs and is getting more confident.

Luna would need an active home with someone with patience to continue her training. She is the most loving, trusting little girl who has so much love to give, she just needs a second chance. 


Chi x Pug


Daisy is a little 11y.o Chi x Pug and she is lovely little lap dog! She likes nothing better than snuggling on someone's lap! Even though she's an older lady she does still enjoy her walks. Daisy is great with other dogs and is currently in foster with a variety of dogs including Poppy who she has always lived with. Daisy just wants a quiet life, so won't suit a home with young children.


Samoyed x Collie


Please meet the very handsome Buddy who is an 18month old Samoyed x Collie. Buddy came in with his brother Teddy but they will be rehomed separately. Both came in due to their owners serious health condition and the heartbreaking decision was made to find them a new home.

Buddy is the more confident of the two and is very outgoing and friendly. Buddy is still quite strong on the lead and this is work in progress! Buddy loves nothing more than playing in the field and enjoys chasing the ball! He is also house trained.

Buddy is good with other dogs but can get nervous around very boisterous dogs. He has met cats and was afraid of them!

Buddy is a super friendly chap and will benefit from more socialisation and training. He is quick to learn and will make someone a wonderful best friend. We think he would be better suited homed with children over 10y.o.




Ebony came into the care of wwp as an unclaimed stray. This beautiful girl is just so easy, Ebony walks well on the lead, she is super people friendly and is great with other dogs.


Ebony can't be rehomed with cats.

Ebony is an energetic girl and loves nothing more than chasing a ball around the field! Her recall is improving and so is her housetraining.

Ebony would suit an active family, the children would need to be over 8 as she does like to jump up! She has the sweetest temperament and is so willing to please. Everyone who meets her instantly falls in love!


Saluki cross


The handsome Merlin came in from the pound as an unclaimed stray. Merlin is a Saluki cross, around 2 years old and everyone's friend! He does get very excited on the lead and usually bounces around which again is something we are working on! He is such a happy soul who loves life. Merlin has a fabulous nature, he is good with other dogs but won't be rehomed with small dogs, cats or small furies.

Due to his size he will only be rehomed with older children. Whoever applies must also have high fencing as he is very agile, just as you'd expect!

Merlin loves nothing more than doing laps of our field so he's benefit from a decent sized garden.




The lovely Maisie is looking for her forever family, this little girl is beautiful inside and out. Maisie is currently in foster and they can't praise her highly enough. Maisie has just had her first birthday and even though she looks Staffie x Frenchie she is apparently a full Staffie. As you can see she does have a hair lip but this doesn't affect her at all.

Maisie is good with other dogs, but she does prefer calmer male dogs, or she would be just as happy living on her own. She isn't cat tested.


She is also in foster with a little boy, so I'd say she'd be suitable with children over 6y.o.

Even though she does play with her toys she much prefers snuggling with her humans!




Hank the Patterdale is now ready to find his new home! This handsome chap is 5 y.o and super friendly with everyone he meets.


He isn't reactive to other dogs but would prefer to live as an only dog. Hank HATES cats!


Hank loves his walks, enjoys a ramble around the field and is excellent on the lead. He can live with children over 6y.o, he is clean in the house and not destructive. Hank would make someone an ideal companion, he's such a lovable chap.


Samoyed x Collie


Please meet the very handsome Teddy who is an 18 month old Samoyed x Collie. Teddy came in with his brother Buddy but they will be rehomed separately. Both came in due to their owners serious health condition and the heartbreaking decision was made to find them a new home.

Teddy is the shyer of the two and is more timid and placid. Teddy walks well on the lead and loves to play ball! He is also house trained.


Teddy is good with other dogs but does get nervous around very boisterous dogs. He has met cats and was afraid of them!

Teddy is a super friendly chap and will benefit from more socialisation and training. He is quick to learn and will make someone a wonderful best friend. We think he would be better suited homed with children over 10y.o.


Staffie x Mastiff


Beautiful Chelsea came into the care of wwp some time ago and as yet has had no interest at all. Brindle dogs often get overlooked. Chelsea is a large Bull breed, probably Staffie x Mastiff and she's 3 years old.


Chelsea is the most loving dog you could meet, she adores everyone and is a favourite with all the volunteers.

Chelsea is very strong on the lead and needs to be an only pet. Although she is good with children we would only rehome her with older children due to her size.

Chelsea likes nothing more than to chase a ball around the field, she is a very active dog so would need plenty of exercise.




Meet the very handsome Ollie Collie who is under a year old!! Ollie came into the care of wwp as an unclaimed stray. He is a typical Collie, vocal, busy but vey loving!

Ollie is good with other dogs, not yet cat tested and would be fine living with children 8y.o and upwards.


He is a bit ball obsessed as you'd expect, he is no couch potato and will need an active home.


He literally has oodles of energy and would excel at agility etc, he is very trainable and with some time and guidance he will make someone an excellent best friend.

Ali & Ellie.jpg

GSD x Poodle 

Ali and Ellie

This beautiful duo came to me totally feral, they'd had no human contact and had lived in a shed with no windows or contact with the outside world for the first 3 years of their lives.
They came to me so scared yet they've never shown an ounce of malice and are no so trusting despite their past.

They are so bonded they are looking for a home together. They are medium sized and GSD x Poodle so a bit of an odd mix! They are super friendly with those they know but do take time to get to know new people. But once you have won them around you'll have friends for life.

Ali and Ellie will need a quiet understanding home, someone with patience to let them adjust to a home environment at their own pace. They could live with another calm dog but do not like cats.

They would require a secure garden as they are pretty nimble!
They do walk well on a lead now but are nervous in heavy traffic and new surroundings.


Chow Chow


Llew has been with a while now and is everyone's favourite!Llew is a 9 y.o male Chow Chow, to anyone who knows this breed he is a typical Chow! Stubborn, opinionated, he has selective hearing and it's either his way or no way! But that said he is the most comical dog that once he bonds with you you'll have a friend for life!Llew is good with other dogs but I think he'd prefer to live as an only dog or he might be ok living with a female, he likes his walks but it's more like a very slow plod!

Llew has a huge obsession with cuddly toys and his bedroom is full to the brim with them. He knows all basic commands, has no recall and would only come back when he is ready so we only let him off lead in very secure areas. He can guard food and toys with other dogs so no young children. We will all be very sad to see this character go but he now needs a family of his own. A chow experienced home is a plus so his traits won't come as a surprise not that any are bad!




The very handsome Milo came to us through no fault of his own. He was previous living with Bobby the Beagle who we also have.

Milo is a lovely friendly boy who has previously lived with children. Due to his size I'd say he's best suited to children over 12y.o. We also feel that Milo would be better living as an only dog and he has never met cats.

Milo is happiest running around after a ball and as you can see from the photos loves the water! He would benefit from an active home where he can burn off some energy!


Staffie cross


The lovely Coco came into the care of wwp after a marriage break up. This beautiful 3y.o Staffie x is a real sweetheart and would love a family to call his own.

Coco is good with other dogs but prefers females, he’s not met cats.

Coco can be rehomed with children over 6y.o and he absolutely adores all humans! He is house trained, travels well in the car and loves his long walks.


Chow Chow


Meet the very pretty Rosie who is a 3 year old Chow Chow! Rosie came in the same time as Lilly and both live happily together with a few other fosters thrown in for good measure!

Rosie is an intelligent girl and very clever. She is also more independent than Lilly and can either be rehomed with other dogs or on her own. She doesn't like cats or small furries though.

Rosie loves her walks but again is strong on the lead!

Rosie's foster can't praise this girl highly enough, they describe her as a happy go lucky dog with lots of character.

Many of you might have seen Rosie out and about promoting wwp, she does like to spread the word bless her!!


Chowsky (Chow x Husky)


Dora came in to our care a couple of months ago and was initially quite nervous. But since moving to foster her confidence has grown and continues to do so.

Dora is currently living with a mixture of male and female dogs but we feel she’d prefer to live with just males or even as an only dog. She’s fine meeting all dogs on a walk. Dora is not cat tested and can only live with children over 12. She does show food aggression to other dogs but not humans.

Dora is now walking beautifully on the lead and doesn’t require a huge amount of exercise but does like her daily walks. She also doesn’t like being left for long periods.

This beautiful soul is looking for her forever family, whoever is lucky enough to have Dora won’t be disappointed.