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Mitzy is a beautiful 3y.o DDB who came to us a few months ago.
Mitzy is one of the friendliest dogs you'll meet, the only downside is she can't live with other dogs. She is not at all reactive when walking with the other dogs from the kennels. Mitzy really is a huge softie and is everyone's favourite. She walks well on the lead and is never strong, she loves the car and really enjoys playing ball!
I'd say she would be better with children over 8 and needs a quiet home.




Meet the very pretty Chow Chow Lilly! Lilly came into the care of wwp a few months ago, although initially quite timid she has now found her feet and grown in confidence. She is currently in foster with other dogs and ideally needs a home with a resident dog.
Lilly is super friendly, loves to play and enjoys her walks but she is strong on the lead. At present her recall is non existent!
Lilly is food aggressive so will need a home with no young children. Chow experience would be a bonus as they are a little strong willed!


GSD x Poodle


The lovely Ali and Ellie need no introduction really as they've been here so long. This beautiful duo came to me totally feral, they'd had no human contact and had lived in a shed with no windows or contact with the outside world for the first 3 years of their lives.
They came to me so scared yet they've never shown an ounce of malice and are no so trusting despite their past.
They are so bonded they are looking for a home together. They are medium sized and GSD x Poodle so a bit of an odd mix! They are super friendly with those they know but do take time to get to know new people. But once you have won them around you'll have friends for life.
Ali and Ellie will need a quiet understanding home, someone with patience to let them adjust to a home environment at their own pace. They could live with another calm dog but do not like cats.
They would require a secure garden as they are pretty nimble!
They do walk well on a lead now but are nervous in heavy traffic and new surrounding.
These 2 are long overdue a home of their own, they have so much love to give and it's been so rewarding getting them to where they are now but they deserve a family to love and care for them.


Staff x Pug


Poppet came into the care of wwp as an unclaimed stray, she is middle aged and we believe a Staffie x pug! Pops as she's affectionately known was totally shut down when she came here around a year ago, it's taken time but she is now a confident little madam! Pops loves other dogs but can get very over excited and has no idea about personal space! So a tolerant maybe calmer dog would suit best, preferably male. Pops loves children, well actually she loves everyone but we feel children over 6 would be best.
She has never lived in a house so will need to be housetrained.
She walks very well on the lead and loves her walks so a relatively active home would suit.
Pops likes nothing more that a squeaky toy and will play all day to the annoyance of her canine neighbours!


Staffie x Sharpei


Pretty little Maggie has been with us a while now so we really need to find her a home of her own.
Maggie is a 5y.o Staffie x Sharpei who is a real little livewire! Maggie has missed out on being socialised before she came to us so we have working hard to overcome many of her issues.
Maggie has a very high prey drive and is always very alert out on her walks. She has a lot of energy so would benefit from an active home. Maggie will literally walk for miles! She will need to be an only dog but will happily go on walks with all different dogs at the kennels with no issue so she is not reactive once outside.
Maggie can get protective of her food and toys but is so much better now than when she came in. For this reason we would only rehome her with older children. Maggie also doesn't like cats.
If you can see past her little foibles Maggie will make a great addition to your family. She has always been a favourite of mine and many of our volunteers due to her comical ways!




It's time to find this handsome boy a home of his own! Llew has been with a while now and is everyone's favourite!
Llew is a 9 y.o male Chow Chow, to anyone who knows this breed he is a typical Chow! Stubborn, opinionated, he has selective hearing and it's either his way or no way! But that said he is the most comical dog that once he bonds with you you'll have a friend for life!
Llew is good with other dogs but I think he'd prefer to live as an only dog or he might be ok living with a female, he likes his walks but it's more like a very slow plod! Llew has a huge obsession with cuddly toys and his bedroom is full to the brim with them. He knows all basic commands, has no recall and would only come back when he is ready so we only let him off lead in very secure areas. He can guard food and toys with other dogs so no young children.
We will all be very sad to see this character go but he now needs a family of his own.
A chow experienced home is a plus so his traits won't come as a surprise not that any are bad!


Husky x Chow


The time has come to find Luna a new home and I must admit when she goes she will be greatly missed. Luna is a Husky x Chow and is 18 months old.

When Luna arrived at wwp she hadn't been properly socialised and lacked in confidence. Fast forward a few months and she is like a different dog. She can still be weary of strangers but with proper introductions she soon comes round!

Luna needs a very active home, one preferable with a swimming pool (ha ha) as she LOVES the water, I can't stress how much!! She loves to play ball, loves long walks and likes her home comforts.

Luna is looking for a home with older children, no cats or small furries and she is better as an only dog or with a calm tolerant male dog.


Collie x Kelpie


Nigel is a handsome 6 month old Collie x Kelpie. His previous owners were struggling to meet his needs so they asked us to rehome him.

Nigel is super friendly but high energy and he would be ideal for agility or flyball. He will literally chase a ball all day! He is a working breed so if you are looking for a laid back couch potato then he's not the dog for you!

Nigel does get over excited when meeting new dogs due to a lack of socialisation so he'd need slow introduction to a resident dog. Nigel has never met cats and needs a home with children over 10y.o.


Lab cross


Bryn is a beautiful 17 month old large Lab x. Bryn was rehomed by us a year ago but has been returned due to chasing sheep. Bryn is a high energy bundle of fun, he is currently in foster with other dogs and is super dog friendly. He seems to have a lot of energy and would benefit from a dog with the same energy level that would enjoy endless play sessions!
Bryn will chase cats and obviously he can't be rehomed with or near livestock. He loves children of all ages and is housetrained.
Bryn is looking for an active home, he is the friendliest chap that aims to please and would make a perfect addition to any family




Bobby is a handsome 2y.o Beagle who came into rescue through no fault of his own. Bobby was previously living with another dog and absolutely loves all dogs! Bobby has never met cats.

Bobby can be a little nervous when you first meet him but he soon comes around, so we feel a home with no young children would be best.

Bobby loves his walks and enjoys a run around our field and he will literally play all day! So we feel an active home would suit him best.

We'd also like Bobby to be rehomed with a resident dog as he is a very social chap!

Bobby is housetrained, travels well in the car and walks well on the lead.




Teddy is a beautiful young cockerpoo that oozes character! He has come to us with some behavioral issues that we are working on with the help of our behaviorist and this will need to be continued once he's rehomed.

Teddy is 18 months old and has already been in 2 homes, we need to make sure that this next move is his last.

Teddy is a loving, playful chap and once he bonds with you you'll have a friend for life.

Teddy will need to be rehomed with OLDER children (15years or above) and he does have separation anxiety so will need someone home most of the day. He is dog friendly but can get over excited! Teddy has a few quirks that we will discuss further with any suitable applicants. Please do not apply just because of his breed, he needs to go to an experienced home.

Teddy is a big favourite at the rescue and whoever rehomes this clever boy will be very lucky indeed.




Hank the Patterdale is now ready to find his new home! This handsome chap is 5y.o and super friendly with everyone he meets. He isn't reactive to other dogs but would prefer to live as an only dog. Hank HATES cats!
Hank loves his walks, enjoys a ramble around the field and is excellent on the lead. He can live with children over 6y.o, he is clean in the house and not destructive.
Hank would make someone an ideal companion, he's such a lovable chap.




Under Assessment


Under Assessment


Details will be available once the assessment is complete.




Under Assessment




Under Assessment. Not cat friendly.