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West wales poundies have been given the opportunity to buy our very own kennels!!!!! We have been offered a property to buy that is currently being used as boarding kennels and it's too good an opportunity to pass by. Now I'm not saying we can definitely afford this but we are going to give it a damn good try in true WWP style! This has been my dream since starting the rescue nearly 13 years ago, it's been a long time coming but I feel this is the best chance we will ever get. We need to secure a mortgage but our biggest problem will be raising the money for a deposit. So folks what do you all think, can we do this? Who is behind us and willing to help us raise enough for the deposit? We as a team are super excited to have been given this opportunity and it will help move the rescue forward. We desperately need a base to call our own. What started out as a small little rescue saving just Staffies from my local pound has grown bigger that I could ever imagine, never in a million years did I expect WWP to be where it is today! So now we have shared our news with you I am hoping you will all support us in our new venture. We have got where we are today thanks to your support, we can't take this next step without you...fingers crossed you are behind us :)xx