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Well at last we have set up our just giving page in the hope we can raise money for the deposit we need to buy our own premises. For those who missed my original post....

West wales poundies have been given the fabulous opportunity to buy our own kennels, this includes accommodation and some land and is currently being used as boarding kennels. So it's all set up and ready to go! For some years now we have been searching for a place to call our own, a base to help our rescue grow and improve on what we already do. This opportunity would open so many doors for the rescue and hopefully we can raise the deposit to make our dreams come true. WWP have saved thousands of lives over the 13 years we've been running, what started out as a tiny rescue (run soley by myself) saving Staffies from one council pound has now grown bigger than I could ever have imagined. We now help 3 pounds, taking all breeds but the majority we help are those overlooked by others. We also have a very dedicated team that work tireles

sly to save the lives of these dogs. Over the last 13 years we have never lost a life, we have managed to help every dog that we've been asked to take from the pounds. We are all volunteers which makes the job that much more difficult as we run the rescue around full time jobs, your donations are what keep us going and that's why we are able to save as many as we do. So once again I have this big ask, please help us raise this money, yes it is a lot but I'm sure with your help we can make this BIG dream a reality

Please click on this link below to help us reach our Goal