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about us

We are a small registered charity dedicated to saving the lives of dogs in council pounds. After dogs arrive at the pound, the dogs have just 7 days to be claimed by their owners. After the 7 days have passed, if there is space available, they will come into the care of West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue. If there isn't space, they may be destroyed. WWP provide a lifeline to the pound dogs. 

A small number of dogs come in our care via other circumstances.

With the exception of the kennel staff we are all volunteers and depend on your help to save the life of the pound dogs. If you can help by fundraising, donating, fostering or sharing our dogs rehoming profile, it will all help save a life.

Together lets make sure no dog dies needlessly. ​​

We are based in Carmarthenshire, near Llandeilo

Our Story

Back in 2007, Lianne came across two staffie pups which appeared to be strays. After enquiring with different organisations, she was advised to take them to the local pound, where the owners could claim them. After 7 days, they were unclaimed, and confirmed as strays.

The pound advised that they would be put to sleep unless a home was found for them. 

From that moment on, Lianne worked hard to find rescue spaces for the dogs in her local pound and West Wales Poundies was founded. 

Over the years, other members of the team have come onboard, and the rescue has gone from strength to strength. 

Since 2007, hundreds of dogs have been rescued and rehomed by the small team.

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