We are a group of Volunteers, dedicated to saving the lives of dogs on 'death row' in the local welsh council pounds. Many people still do not realise that stray dogs only have 7 days to be claimed before the council can legally put them to sleep. The rescue was originally set up in 2007 to predominately save bull breeds in the pounds but now we take dogs in all shapes and sizes, regardless of age and breed. No-one gets left behind!  We are very proud to say that no dog in the pounds we take from have been left to suffer this fate since we started to help. We also try and help the numerous requests we receive each week with “hand in’ dogs whereby for whatever reason the owners do not feel they can continue to care for their pets. If we do not have room ourselves we will contact other reputable, non kill rescues to try and secure a space for the dog. In the past all of the dogs we took in were either sent to other rescues or we paid for them to be privately boarded in kennels until we could find a permanent or foster home for them. However we were delighted as on on 30th September 2020 our dreams came true and we purchased our own kennels with the help of The Charity Bank and WCVA! We have 28 large spacious kennels with a run and cosy bedroom which either has a heat lamp or radiator. We are shortly having radiators put in all the kennels but rest assured everyone is warm and dry with numerous toys to play with. We are lucky that we have recently been awarded sponsorship with Burns Dog Food. We are also partnered with Pets at Home in Swansea (Support Adoption for Pets) whose fund raising allow us to purchase the enrichment toys they need for their mental stimulation whilst with us. Back to the dogs ! When they come into us they are health checked, vaccinated, wormed and chipped if not already done so. Theoretically all dogs should be chipped as it’s the law but many come in without one. They are also sent to the vet to be neutered so that they do not contribute to the huge problem of stray dogs in the UK. Once they have been assessed and had their medical needs taken care of, they become available for homing and that is where you lovely lot come in! Please see our Homing page for all the details on that 😊 Due to Covid 19 our fundraising has been severely affected. Normally we run our own events and attend many others to secure much needed funds and let people know who we are and what we do. This has come to an abrupt stop and we have had to rely on the generosity of our supporters and adoption donations. Our outgoings each month would make your eyes water and we have jobs in the kennels which we would like to do. We are managing but if you would like to help, we would be extremely grateful for your support. There are various ways in which you can help which are all on our fund raising page 😊. Thank you all from the dogs xx