We are a group of Volunteers, dedicated to saving the lives of dogs on 'death row' in the Welsh council pounds. We work with reputable rescue organisations to help save these dogs lives. A dog in the council pound is known as a 'poundie' and he/she is often a stray dog that will have been brought into the pound by the local dog warden after being found wandering the streets or even tied up somewhere, a dog through no fault of its own will have been abandoned by the people supposed to love, care and protect them. These dogs will then serve their statutory 7 days to be claimed by the owner, sadly who never comes to get them.After 7 days these dogs are on the 'Kill List' & face being PTS (put to sleep) on 'death row'. Every day 100's of lovely healthy dogs are killed because no-one came to collect them or help them! That's why we help them as we cannot bear to let any dog die unnecessarily without our help, we just could not sleep at nights knowing we could help and we didnt and they died! All these dogs need our help, they all deserve a chance of a long happy life, none of them should die in this cold cruel way, like rubbish thrown out because its no longer needed or wanted. so we work tirelessly to save these dogs.We co-ordinate their rescue by firstly circulating their information in the hope that the already, over crowded rescues can squeeze just one more little life into their already bursting rescue kennels, often being refused we never give up and keep trying until that space is found, if not we end up putting them into, expensive EB (emergency boarding) spaces until that rescue space becomes available.But that isn't all we do, we organise transport runs to get them to rescues or foster homes, we make sure all dogs are spayed/neutered, wormed & microchipped and all this costs money which is raised by our team of fundraisers and generous supporters, without either we would not be able to do this successfully.We do also re-home the dogs that are in the EB kennels & Foster care. Once they are fully assessed and pass all the criteria for re-homing and we know their temperament etc. they can be re-homed. This then involves a check by our volunteers in the area, they will homecheck an applicant for the safety of the dog to be re-homed. this involves an interview and a homecheck to make sure the dog will be safe and secure in your care. All the rescues we use are reputable and ALL have a strict NO KILL policy in place.  We do not send any dogs to any rescue who does not ensure this and if any problems arise the dog must be returned to West Wales Poundies. All of us at West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue would like to say a massive thank you to all our supporters and followers as we would not be able to help these dogs without you all.