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rehoming policies

Please read this information before applying


  • No dogs will be rehomed outside of the UK in any circumstances.



  • If you live in rented accommodation, we require proof from the landlord that you have permission to keep pets. 

  • We do not rehome dogs to potential adopters who have communal gardens or who live in upstairs flats. If there is access to a private, secure yard/garden area, an exception may apply. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis.



  • You must have a secure garden with boundaries of at least 5 foot. Allowances can be made for toy breeds or elderly dogs.



  • The majority of our dogs are unclaimed strays. All dogs are assessed before adoption but due to the fact we will have very little information on their history, we cannot guarantee their health or behaviour.

  • No dog will be rehomed without taking reasonable steps to ensure they are suitable for you and you are suitable for them, home checks are carried out and references may be asked for.

  • Once you have passed your home check, you will be asked to attend a meet and greet. This must include the whole household and you may be required to attend more than one meet if you already have pets.

  • Being invited to meet a dog does not guarantee you will be able to adopt that dog, or any dog from WWP. We take our adoption process very seriously and all decisions regarding adoption will be finalised AFTER one or more meet and greet has taken place.

  • Dogs will have a health check and be neutered/spayed before adoption. (Exception - puppies will be rehomed on a neutering contract due to their age).

  • All dogs will be micro-chipped.

  • No dog will be rehomed to anybody under 18.

  • No dog will be rehomed whereby a person in the household is banned from keeping animals or has been convicted of animal cruelty.

  • We do not rehome any dog for any reason than a family pet. The dogs must not be used for hunting, fighting, guarding or any other purpose than can cause distress to the dog, people or other animals.

  • Dogs must not be left alone for any more than 5 hours at a time. 4 hours for puppies.

  • We do NOT rehome where the dog will be kept or left outside, this includes in a kennel.

  • All resident dogs must be neutered or spayed. Concessions may be made for medical reasons.

  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to rehome or sell your adopted dog. In the event that you can no longer keep your dog, they MUST BE RETURNED to West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue.



  • All Puppies will go out on a neutering contract where the new owner must agree to neuter at their own cost on the date stated on the adoption form. Proof of this from the vet must be sent to West Wales Poundies  

  • All puppies must attend puppy training classes and proof will need to be provided

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