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Join our foster network, change lives!


Could you foster one of our dogs?


Kennels are not ideal for some of our dogs. Sometimes, the stress can affect their health and behaviour, leading to weight loss and perceived aggression. That's why our amazing foster homes play a vital role. In a loving home, our dogs can thrive, be assessed, and adjust to family life.

No expert training needed, just compassion, patience, and understanding. You must have a secure garden. Ideally, you live within 45 minutes of our kennels (SA19) and you must be available on weekends for meet and greets.

Fostering saves lives! Please apply and make a difference today.


Why foster?

Fostering a dog has many benefits!

  • Provides a temporary loving home for a dog in need.

  • Gives the dog a chance to heal, socialise, and build confidence.

  • Offers a safe and comfortable environment for the dog to thrive.

  • Allows you to witness the incredible transformation and growth of the dog.

  • Brings companionship and the joy of unconditional love into your life.

  • Offers a sense of purpose and fulfillment through making a direct positive impact.

  • Provides valuable insights into the dog's personality, behavior, and needs.

  • Helps in finding the dog a suitable forever home by sharing information and observations.

  • Creates space at our kennels for more dogs to be rescued and cared for.

  • Fostering experience can be a stepping stone towards adoption, if suitable.

  • Enables you to make a difference in the life of a deserving dog and contribute to their overall well-being.



Who can foster?

Before applying, please check that you can meet our requirements: 1. You are 18 years old or over 2. You are able to bring the dog back to our kennels for vet visits or to meet adopters 3. You will be home for a large portion of the day 4. Ideally, you can be available at short notice  5. You have experience in caring for dogs.

What does a foster provide?

When you become a foster carer, you will provide a nurturing home environment where you'll take care of the dog just like an owner would. This includes essential responsibilities such as feeding, spending quality snuggle time together, and taking them for enjoyable walks. In some cases, a dog may require continued training or rehabilitation during their stay in your foster home. If this situation arises, we will have a thorough discussion with you beforehand to ensure you are fully informed and prepared.

What support is available?

We cover all medical costs, and provide food. We are always on hand to help with advice and tips. We can also put you in contact with our other foster carers so you can share experiences and knowledge.

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