Could you be a foster carer for a West Wales Poundies dog?

Sometimes we do not manage to find a rescue spaces for some of the dogs so we have to put them into EB kennels (Emergency Boarding) and sometimes they can be in these kennels for a long time until a rescue space becomes available as during this time there are always more dogs to come out of the pounds and so the safe ones in EB tend to stay there, so we re-home them instead of sending them to rescues.

Kennels are not an ideal long term environment for these poor dogs to be in and it can drive some of them mad or make them ill by becoming stressed and they can loose a lot of weight even though they are eating well and they can seem aggressive when they are not. but this is what it can do to some of these dogs.

So we find them foster homes with volunteer foster carers. Here they can be carefully assessed to find out how they will react to people, children, other dogs and other pets in a normal home environment something that kennels can not tell us. Some dogs are easy to fit into the home environment and will not need too much work to train but some dogs may be a little more difficult to adjust but all worth the effort in a foster home.


We don't expect fosterers to be expert dog trainers, but it is important that people have compassion, patience and understanding while welcoming one of our dogs into the home.


You also need to have a secure garden area and not leave a dog alone for more that 4 hours max at any one time.

Fostering Save Lives!