Could you be a foster carer for our dogs?

Kennels are not an ideal long term environment for some of the dogs we rescue and sometimes it makes them ill by becoming stressed and they can lose a lot of weight even though they are eating well. Sometimes the kennel environment can make dogs appear aggressive. 

So we rely on our team of amazing foster volunteers to provide these dogs with a safe home environment. During their time in foster, the dogs can be carefully assessed to find out how they will react to people, children, other dogs and other pets in a normal home environment, which is something that kennels can not tell us. Some dogs are easy to fit into the home environment but some dogs may be a little more difficult to adjust.


We don't expect fosterers to be expert dog trainers, but it is important that people have compassion, patience and understanding while welcoming one of our dogs into the home.


  • You also need to have a secure garden area and not leave a dog alone for more than 4 hours max at any one time.

  • Ideally, you live within 45 minutes of the kennels (SA19 7LX).

  • You must be available on weekends to bring the dog(s) to the kennels for meet and greets.

Please consider applying, fostering saves lives!