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This beautiful standard Bullie girl (she is not an XL Bullie, she’s much smaller) was imported from Romania to be used for breeding, (NOT by WWP!) that in itself is shocking enough as she has the worst conformation we've ever seen. But the worst part is her ears have been hacked off, not cropped but hacked. The pain this poor girl must have endured at the hands of these monsters who mutilate these dogs must have been horrific.

Despite the horrendous start to her life Bubbles has to be one of the kindest, softest most genuine dogs we've ever meet. She literally melts our hearts and we have a huge soft spot for this girl and we'll know when her perfect human comes along. She’s been with Lianne a long time so knowing she’s going to the best home will make parting with her a little easier!

Bubbles is 4y.o, is super friendly with everyone, she simply adores people including children. All she wants to do is cuddle up to someone for a fuss, she’ll literally sit there all day lapping up the attention!

She can walk on a lead and while living with Lianne she used to walk really well, since moving to our kennels, she’s not a fan of walking at all!! It could be her being a diva as we know she’s more than capable of walking miles!! So we'll say she won’t need much exercise but that might change but on her terms.

She doesn’t like cats and we’d like her to live as an only dogs. She will happily walk past dogs and walk with dogs but she is food aggressive around dogs (not people) so for that reason she’s looking for a pet free home.

Bubbles has never lived in a house so home life will be new to her but she is a very laid back character so usually takes everything in her stride.

So if you are looking for a calm, loving best friend then Bubbles would be your ideal companion.

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