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Pomsky cross Chihuahua

Meet the very handsome Frankie, a one year old month old Pomski x Chihuahua.

Frankie is a tiny little cross breed who probably won’t grow much bigger. He’s a timid little boy who will need a resident dog/dogs to folllow.

He’s a typical pup when playing with his friends in foster but can be nervous of new humans. For this reason he needs to be rehomed with children over 8y.o, he can also be rehomed with cats.

He is learning to walk on a lead but does get nervous in built up areas, so his new family will need to be patient and mindful of this and take things very slowly.

Pomski’s have a lovely fluffy double coat which will need regular grooming at home. He would also benefit from puppy classes to further his socialisation. Recall is not great with pomskies so he may never be able to be off lead.

Frankie is looking for a quiet home with a patient person to give him time to settle and to continue to build his confidence. In return you’ll be rewarded with lots of love and kisses

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