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Lucky B

Small crossbreed

Lucky is a lovely little crossbreed, who’s probably around 3y.o. He came into our care as an unclaimed stray.

Lucky is a very nervous boy in the home but changes completely when on a walk which he loves and is more confident. We have no idea what’s happened to this boy but he is extremely timid spending all day sat in his bed which is sad.

Lucky is a small chunky boy, he can live with other dogs as long as they are calm and respectful as he is a little frightened of other dogs and chooses to keep himself to himself.

Lucky is very clean in the house, so he’s obviously been kept inside. Once he’s learnt to trust you he’s a lovely little dog but you will need to give him time to get used to you.

Lucky is looking for an adult only home if possible or with teenagers and above as small children will frighten him and he’ll spend all his time hidden away.

Lucky B
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