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a lifeline for these dogs

There are so many dogs needing our help, we receive surrender requests daily and unfortunately we can’t help them all, but some are desperate, and we just can’t refuse. We keep thinking that it can’t get any busier for our small dog rescue, but the truth is, it does.

These are just some of the dogs we’ve helped this week by providing a lifeline for them. These dogs were in urgent need of a rescue place.

Most of them are in dire need of vet treatment and grooming. We already have huge outstanding vet bills so any help you can offer towards these poor souls, would be gratefully received. Your donations enable us to continue to help dogs like these. We have never been so busy, and so needed. Thank you.

Family of 4 We were asked to help a family of 4 dogs as the owner had ill health, we weren't quite expecting them to look like they did…


Dudley the Golden retriever is extremely overweight. He is caked in faeces as you can see from the photos. He also has a tumour on his foot that needs investigating. He desperately needs love and TLC, and a groom. He is a very sweet boy and very friendly but is confused by the change in his surroundings.


Meg the elderly JRT has mammary tumours which need removing and she will need a dental.

Tarwyn and Freddie

Both need to go on a diet, a bit of grooming and both will need dental work. They are super friendly but very confused with the upheaval.

Unclaimed strays

Stray dogs who find themselves in the council pounds can face very uncertain futures if they are not claimed by their owner after 7 days. If a rescue like WWP does not take the dog into their care after the 7 days, the dog can be destroyed. We are committed to saving the lives of the dogs in our local council pounds.


Next up is an unclaimed stray Patterdale called Hugo, he has some skin issues which are now being treated by our vet.


Then we have Diego the Frenchie, he is absolutely lovely, and so friendly.


A lovely young Frenchie, who again, is an unclaimed stray.

So as you can see plenty to keep us busy and add to our already high stress levels!

The rescue world is on its knees, every rescue is full, we all have huge waiting lists of dogs needing to come in.

The situation is dire and we often feel like walking away. But we cannot turn our backs on so many dogs that need us.

West Wales Poundies is a small rescue, we rely solely on public donations to keep us going.

So please, if you can spare anything to help us we’d be extremely grateful. No matter how small, every penny counts.

Your support enables us to carry on helping the dogs who have nowhere else to go. Together, lets make sure no dog dies needlessly.

Thank you from Dudley, Meg, Tarwyn, Freddie, Hugo, Diego and Dolly and all of the WWP team.


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