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A special reunion!

Millie and JJ had been favourites here with our team since they arrived as strays 18 months ago. You may have seen multiple appeals from us, like the one below.

Well, their story is quite remarkable and their reunion was a special way to start 2024!

Their owners had searched high and low for them, believing the dogs to have been stolen, and they were unaware that the dogs were with us in a different part of Wales. Their owners were then dealing with some heartbreaking and tragic circumstances which meant they had given up all hope of ever finding their beloved dogs.

During the 18 months we fought against suggestions and pressure of splitting up Millie and JJ, lots of people wanted to adopt JJ, but didn't want to adopt the two together. We soon realised after they arrived with us that Millie was deaf and JJ was a great support to her.

We kept them together and kept appealing for a home for the two of them, but 18 months later and not a single application, we were determined to ramp up the appeals and find them a home together in 2024.

Just before Christmas we were contacted by their owners who had seen one of our rehoming appeals on social media. They were incredibly emotional, relieved and thankful that Millie and JJ were safe, and still together after all that time.

After going through our usual adoption homecheck, background checks and vet references, we were absolutely delighted to reunite Millie and JJ with their owners and see them in a home again.


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