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Another day, Another stray

Little Lilly was overdue in the pound and her life hung in the balance. It soon became clear why she was abandonedLilly has a large mammary tumour and a few small ones and requires a mammary strip which will cost the charity in excess of £1000

We have only recently paid our very large vet bill off and we’re being careful to not get into the same situation again.

However, we can’t predict what medical treatment will be needed for each stray that we save, and remain commited to saving the lives of our local strays.

Lilly deserves a chance, deserves to live and to do that she needs this treatment or her future looks bleak. So once again we are asking for your help, and we do apologise for asking. We really do hate asking but lives like Lilly's matter.

So please if you can spare anything to help Lilly we’d all be so grateful for your support. Thank you!


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