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From Near-Death to Healthy: The Inspiring Journey of Gus

Gus arrived with WWP in a horrific state, he had been starved and neglected and was found just in time. If he had been left straying any longer, we have no doubt that he'd have starved to death.

We did all we could to aid his recovery and although he improved hugely with us at kennels he was getting very stressed and we failed to get him to a healthy weight.

He’d seen our vet numerous times and had all the tests available and everything came back normal. We knew his recovery wouldn’t be easy, especially as he was so emaciated but it was proving impossible.

So we decided to move him to a foster home, along with his new diet recommended by our vets, we had everything crossed this would work.

Well this is him 4 weeks on, what a difference! He’s gained so much weight and is looking much better!

Although he’s still not completely up to weight we are so pleased he’s heading in the right direction as we were losing hope.

It's finally onwards and upwards now for Gus.

A massive thank you to his wonderful foster carers who have gone above and beyond to help with his recovery! Life is finally looking brighter for this boy.

A huge thank you also to to everyone who donated towards the various specialist and expensive food we tried and tested to aid his recovery.

The transformation of Gus has been a real team effort and we're so pleased for him.


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