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Our beautiful 10 month old Borboel Luna has been in the care of West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue for about 3 months. We were asked to help Luna due to her rupturing both her cruciate ligaments, this needed expensive surgery to repair to enable Luna to live a normal life.

Being as she is such a young dog she definitely deserves a chance but this comes at a cost. We have been quoted £6160 for both knees and this includes a discount which they have kindly given due to Luna being a rescue dog.

Not operating isn't an option and with funds at an all time low we are yet again having to turn to our supporters for help. Luna is such a beautiful young soul, with your help she can go on to live a pain free active life just as any young dog should.

So can I please ask you to dig deep once again, no matter how small the donation it all helps. Thank you once again and I really am sorry we have to ask.

Donations can be made via Facebook, Go Fund Me or PayPal.

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