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Making a Difference for Stray Dogs: Your Support Matters

Over the last few months we have seen a large increase of stray dogs arriving with concerning welfare issues.

We have lost 2 dogs within weeks of each other, one who had a massive tumour and was so unwell we weren’t able to save him and he was sadly pts.

The other dog had suffered the worst neglect we've ever seen, we were unable to save him and ended his years of suffering.

Both had suffered greatly at the hands of people that should have loved them, should have sought help when they were unwell, but instead when they needed them most all they did was heartlessly throw them out on the streets.

We also have Dougie, who was found with a massive tumour which was inoperable and it’s likely he only has weeks left to live. He has fortunately found a lovely foster to live out his days.

This is so distressing for us as a rescue, feeling helpless as we know we can’t save them. All we can do is hold them tight, show them some empathy and love as they take their last breath and leave this cruel world.

This shouldn’t be our duty, it’s yours as owners, with every last breath we watch a dog take - it breaks us a little more each time. But we will continue to pick up the pieces because they deserve to know love even if it’s it’s just at the very end.

It isn’t always an unhappy ending, some are lucky and find us in time. Gus arrived with us just over a week ago, emaciated and broken. We are hoping he will make a full recovery and he’ll be one of our many success stories.

Gus is Pointer cross, a proud handsome boy who is super friendly and adores everyone despite his recent treatment.

As you can see from his photos he wouldn’t have lasted much longer as he slowly starved to death. He has seen our vet, there is nothing medically wrong with him, this is pure neglect.

As much as these cases upset us it’s also what drives us forward, it’s why we keep going day in day out regardless of how we feel.

If you would like to help Gus and others like him and also help us with the work we do please consider donating (using the link below), fostering, volunteering or even participating in our fundraising (raffles,auctions, lottery etc)

We can’t help them without your help, thank you.


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