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More than 200 dogs rescued from unlicensed breeder

West Wales Poundies, alongside other local rescues, recently had a desperate call for help from the local authorities needing help to remove more than 200 dogs from an unlicensed puppy farm.

I don't think anything prepares you for the horror that goes on in these places, unfortunately this is a sight we are seeing more and more of. The conditions were horrendous, the dogs traumatised and terrified living in filthy cramped conditions. Row upon row of kennels crammed with dogs all huddled together.

As you all know we are a very small organisation with limited funds and space but we all pulled together to do what we could. A quick call to kennels to make room and to get to the site with transport. It couldn't have happened on a worst day as a member of staff was off sick so it was left to myself, Kevin Morgan and Amy a young volunteer to organise everything on our own.

But as we always do in a crisis we all pulled together and worked into the night to get all the 22 dogs we took to safety and the 2 mums and pups to foster. Thank you Victoria Preece and Caz Per for stepping up at very short notice!

If anyone would like to make a donation towards their ongoing care we would be very grateful. They all need medical care, some are in dire need of grooming and all obviously will need neutering/vaccinating.

So if you can help in any way our bank details are

West Wales Poundies dog rescue

account no. 65773754

sort code 08-92-99

and our paypal is (please choose the family and friends option)

Thank you.


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