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Lianne, Founder of West Wales Poundies has posted:

I'd like to introduce you to 4 of the sweetest little Staffies you'll ever meet who joined us a couple of days ago, Katie, Lou Lou, Tessie and Lissy. Theirs is a sad story, born to be exploited and used to make money for people with no morals. Luckily for them they were discovered and rescued and we were then asked to take them, how could we refuse?

Here we will take care of them just as they deserve, we will provide for them, they are not here to provide for us.

As you can see they are in a sorry state, the worst one is Lou Lou, she is 8 years old and was being sold as a breeding bitch, even though she has spent her entire life churning out pups for this person, not content with the money he had made he was trying to sell her for £500 to continue as a breeding machine...absolutely shocking.

Lissy also isn't in great condition, as you can see from the photos, she was also being sold for the same amount. Tessie and Katie weren't as bad and are slightly younger but they are still in dire need of some TLC.

This is becoming all too common, keeping animals in these conditions is not acceptable. These 4 girls have come to us and are so timid and confused yet they have not shown an ounce of malice. They know nothing of kindness or love, they eat every meal as if it will be their last. It's all so sad. But girls one thing I can promise you is your lives have now changed for the better, no more puppies, no more going hungry, no more neglect, all you have to look forward to now is a lovely new family each who will show you what it is to be loved.

I have added a donate button to this post, I do hate asking but with vet bills in excess of £6000 I have to get the begging bowl out!!

If you can spare any change towards these lovely girls, please consider helping us out.


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