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Thank you for your kindness

Over the last few months, we've received some very kind donations and support from small businesses, volunteers, larger companies and kind hearted individuals.

Here's just some of the people and companies we wish to thank - sorry if we've missed you.

All of the individuals and small businesses who donated prizes to our Winter Raffle - Thank you so much for helping us raise vital funds.

Individuals who have supported us with their money, time or other donations:

  • Jean and Chris Davies

  • Kathy Davies

  • Aerona Thomas

  • Jean Hurren

  • Ali Rees

  • Debbie C

  • Mrs P & Andy from Twitter for donating leads

  • Our volunteers at our charity shops

  • Stephen Ball

  • Everyone who takes part in our little lottery fundraisers

  • All of our foster carers

And many more - sorry - we don't always manage to catch your name, sometimes donations are just left at our gate. We really do appreciate everyone's support.


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