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22 cocker spaniels came into our care on Saturday as an emergency.

On Friday we had an urgent call to help a lady who was struggling to care for her dogs. She had bred dogs for many years but with ill health and various other issues she’d began to struggle and was no longer able to cope.

Right or wrong we are grateful she reached out, enabling us to get the dogs the help they so desperately needed.

So Saturday we had the mammoth task of removing the dogs. Well I don’t think anything ever prepares you for this, no matter how many times you’ve been involved in these situations and this one was no different.

We eventually removed 22 cocker spaniels of varying ages from 8 week old pups to seniors of 14.

Apart from the pups many need urgent vet treatment, some have chronic ear infections, one has a nasty infected bite wound on his face, a lot have nasty eye infections, most need a dental as they are struggling to eat and their gums are infected, many have varying lumps and bumps and all need vaccinating and neutering. Many of the oldies are extremely thin so could have underlying health issues that will need investigating.

They are extremely matted, all very dirty and in dire need of some tlc.

They are confused and bewildered at the upheaval of being moved, as sad as it is they might not have had the best life but it’s the only life they’ve ever known. But despite this they are all sweet dogs who desperately want to trust us and be loved.

Lucky for them we have a fabulous team at WWP who all rallied round and went the extra mile to get these dogs to safety. Our loyal fosterers stepped up and rushed to collect the oldies and pups, so 10 quickly went to foster homes. (Thank you Charlotte, Sharon, Danielle and Ellen)

The rest will remain in our kennels for now until they find either a foster or forever home. They are all in lovely warm kennels, with clean bedding and full bellies.

The cost of getting all 22 back to full health will no doubt cost thousands, but we just couldn’t turn a blind eye.

So yet again we have to ask you all for help, please guys if you are in a position to give a little to help these dogs then please do.

I’ll include some photos so you can all see why we couldn’t leave them there to suffer

I’d like to thank Mandy and Dai and of course Catherine (who I think is still traumatised!) for their help with this. Also to the kennel staff, Kev for coming in on his day off, Georgie and Maisy who worked late to get everyone settled in.

For those kind enough to offer support I’ll add the link below.

Thank you  xx

Bank details:

Name: West Wales Poundies

Sort Code: 08-92-99

Account Number: 65773754

CO-OP Bank

For donating to the vet direct please contact us for details.

* 2 of the most urgent came home from the vets today, Diablo had his infected bite treated, nearly all his teeth removed and the infection inside his mouth treated.

Sofi has the worst ear infection, this has now been flushed and treated. Both must have been in so much pain and they have obviously been suffering for some time.


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