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Hey everyone! On Saturday 21st October, you're invited to wear your most fabulous pink outfits and deck out your furry friends in pink too, all for a heartfelt cause - to support West Wales Poundies dog rescue!

Did you know that dogs in local council pounds have just 7 days to be claimed by their owners or they could be pts?

Here at WWP, we save the pound dogs, bringing these precious souls into our care, giving them a second chance at a loving life.

But we CAN'T do it without your support. We have more dogs than ever needing our help.

Some of the pound dogs have been abandoned by their owners because they need expensive vet treatment. Many need vaccinations and neutering, some need specialist food. This all adds up and costs our little rescue thousands of pounds each month.

🩷 So, please band together, wear pink, dress your fur babies in pink, and spread awareness! Every little bit helps, and your support can make a world of difference for these lovely pups who have been abandoned by their owners.

The reality is, very few stray dogs get claimed within those 7 days. Let's show the poundies they are loved and cherished!

Don't forget to snap pics and share them using the hashtag #PinkForPoundies Let's make some noise, raise funds, and create a brighter future for these four-legged friends!

See you all in pink! Together, we can make a difference!

The best dressed dog will win a free WWP doggy bandana

Please share and spread the word!

Donations can be made via our website:

Thank you

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