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We cannot survive without your help.

Please read the urgent, and desperate appeal from our founder and kennel manager, Lianne.

I’m going to be blatantly honest here as our situation is dire. If we can’t afford to pay this bill we will have to call it a day and close our doors permanently. I simply can’t live like this any longer knowing we have a huge amount outstanding. My very small team of volunteers are under immense pressure to keep the rescue afloat - and we are crumbling.

Our vet bill is currently in excess of £10k and that’s just the main one, so we are now only able to treat the urgent cases until this is cleared.

Our vets are wonderful and so understanding but we simply can’t keep adding to an already huge bill.

This has accumulated by vaccinating, neutering, treating the increased amount of dogs that come into our care, many of which need surgery. We are seeing so many more dogs appear with us that desperately need urgent medical attention. People are struggling to afford treatment themselves so the only option they see is to hand the dogs over and not let them suffer.

Every dog leaves here fully vaccinated, neutered, wormed, chipped and with a clean bill of health from our vets and this all comes at a price to us as a rescue.

We have no funding or help from any other organisations. All our funds come from you, the general public who donate, support our many little fundraisers, visit our charity shops or give a monthly donation. This is all a massive help but unfortunately isn’t enough to keep us afloat,

We are sinking, and sinking fast.

Running the kennels is costly, mortgage, utility bills, dog food, waste disposal the list is endless.

If you’ve visited Tegfan you’ll see the place is in dire need of updating but again the funds just aren’t available. Our funds go on keeping the kennels running, there is nothing spare for anything else.

We are a very small team, run by volunteers around full time jobs. But the rescue continues to grow with more than 100 dogs in our care. With an increasing number of dogs needing our help it’s getting harder by the day.

So here I am again shamelessly begging for your help, if we can’t get help I’m afraid this really is the end of the road.

16 long years I’ve spent building this rescue up from nothing to where we are today. 16 years of grafting, working around the clock, missing out on a life and family time. 16 years of saving lives, 1000’s of lives that are here today because of the good work of WWP.

I’d still like to be going this for another 16 years but that dream is fast slipping away.

It’ll break my heart to turn my back on this rescue, to me it’s not just a rescue it a way of life, something I am very passionate about and one of the reasons I get up every day. My team work so hard, day in, day out to provide the very best care for our dogs - dealing with the most traumatic and upsetting cases, some of which we don't and won't share - because it's far too upsetting for us to relive, and we must carry on for the dogs who need us.

So I’m hoping, praying, people will help us out of this terrible situation.

If you have a WWP dog he or she is with you today because of of the dedication of WWP. If we have helped you by taking in your dog in your hour of need then please try and return the favour by helping us in ours. Or if you admire the work we do please help us to continue doing what we truly love.

I can’t stress how desperate the situation is and any help is gratefully received. If you can donate anything, no matter how little, it all helps.

Thank you and I really am sorry I have to ask.

If you’d like to donate I’ll pop the link below. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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